I am a third year PhD candidate from Yale University advised by Prof. Abhishek Bhattacharjee. My research is strongly based on the theme of programmability and performance improvement for heterogenous systems. Specifically, I am revisiting virtual memory abstractions for accelerators to achieve the above theme with the backdrop of increasing heterogeneity in today’s systems.

Before Yale, I was part of the compiler optimization group at NVIDIA. I completed my undergraduate from University of Pune, India and wrote my undergraduate thesis at Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai where I was advised by Prof. Uday Khedkar.

I originally hail from Pune also known as ‘The Oxford of the East’- a city in western India surrounded by hills and home to many educational institutes. Apart from work, I enjoy swimming and cycling a lot. While indoors I love experimenting with different spice profiles for tea.


  1. June 2022: Received ISCA 2022 travel grant and attended ISCA in person!
  2. June 2022: Joined Nvidia Unified Virtual Memory Team as an Intern - Working on some exciting research! Stay tuned for more.
  3. May 2022: Received M.Phil Computer Science.
  4. April 2022 : Served on Ackerman Faculty Award Review Committee.
  5. December 2021: Completed Qualifier Exam.